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What Advertising Networks Are Out There?

The reality of it is that there are plenty of advertising networks out on the market and finding one that it suitable for your industry and also caters for you audience may not be that difficult. However, as a business, you would want to make sure that the network you select is reputable and can provide good value for money. There are so many advertising networks available nowadays that it can become overwhelming hard to distinguish and filter through the various structures, audiences and subjects. Most networks can be categorized in one of the following:

  • Topic-specific networks: advertising networks that are related to a specific topic, such as automotive, real estate, fashion or any business such as moving furniture or transportation.
  • Popular networks: advertising network that present products from premium network publishers.
  • Catered networks: advertising network that provide a particular catered product including video, photo, social or mobile.
  • Focused networks: advertising networks that provide focus and targets towards achieving a specific outcome.

A closer look at the operation behind advertising networks

The main concept of an advertising network is to help advertisers generate more business whilst generating revenue for itself. In its simplest form, an advertising network goes through the following steps and process:

  1. Advertisers sign up to the network and are given a code or tag to place on their website(s)
  2. The network scans the internet for websites that contain this code
  3. The network then sells advertising space on these websites (or partner sites) to other businesses
  4. Advertisers can then monitor the performance within the client area

Google Adsense – largest advertising network that can provide highly targeted solutions in a variety of formats.

Amazon Affiliates – a highly popular advertising network where commissions are paid on sale via click through.

AdThrive – provides targeted advertising networks focused towards travel, fashion, food.

Propel Media – uses technology to target audience using push and display ads.

PropellerAds – offers a range of advertising formats which include push notifications, pop-under ads and native.

BidVertiser – allows publishers to earn with every click through and a bonus when a click through turns into a converted sale. – one of the most prominent advertising networks available with publishers including Forbes and CNN and also backed by Yahoo and Bing.

All these networks are well known and have been around for a number of years. However, more and more advertising networks are popping up as technology advances so it makes sense to carefully consider each option to make the most out of these available networks.